Coffee And...

Coffee And entranceCoffee And is located upstairs at Pierino Gallo Plaza in the El Laguito section of the New City. It has the most complete selection of coffees in Cartagena – all Colombian, of course. You should really wait to purchase your coffee until you have had a chance to visit Coffee And.

For the very best, their CONVIDA brand represents the very finest export-grade coffee available. You may choose ground coffee or whole beans, very fresh, and packed in valved bags to conserve the coffee’s freshness. This is Colombian specialty coffee at its best. If you are looking for a present for a real coffee lover, try the Convida Gift Box of five coffees from five different growing regions, each in a different roast.

Colombian CoffeesAs the name implies, Coffee And has more than just coffee: take a look at the woven baskets and plates made of werregue, a natural fiber, as well as world-class single-origin chocolate and chocolate-covered coffee beans. The hot sauces are superb. There are handcrafts, molas, and pottery; as well as unique t-shirts, wind chimes, leather bags, and pre-Columbian reproductions and jewelry.

This is also the place to find beer, soft drinks, and even hand-rolled cigars. It is located just at the head of the stairs. Make sure to get in there as soon as you arrive at Pierino Gallo, perhaps for a refreshing iced coffee after a hot morning.